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Lunchbox Caught Doing Something Lazy in the Studio

Morgan caught Lunchbox doing something lazy and a bit inconsiderate in the Bobby Bones Show glass room.

The glass room is where our producers Scuba Steve, Raymundo, and phone screener Abby all sit. During commercial and music breaks, the rest of the show hangs out in there whenever they're eating or grabbing drinks. Lunchbox was eating a donut and after he was finished eating, instead of taking a few steps to go to the bathroom down the hall, he washed his hands with another person's water. Phone screener Abby had a brand new, unopened water bottle sitting on her desk. Lunchbox took it and poured water over his hands to wash off the donut's stickiness. Then he put it back on Abby's desk and didn't tell her he used it.

Morgan said she thought the whole situation was just showing Lunchbox's laziness and how he didn't care about other people's things. He could have very easily went to the bathroom and washed his hands. Lunchbox said he didn't go to the bathroom because he had limited time to eat the donut and get his hands clean before having to be back in the studio.