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Amy Practices Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris’ Duet With Eddie

Amy has been claiming for months that she can sing Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris' duet "Chasing After You." She sings it in the car often and feels like every time she sings it, she nails it.

So she requested that the next time Hurd was in studio, she wanted to sing the duet with him. He's stopping by the studio this week, which means Amy's dream is coming true. However it may be a little awkward because there is word Morris is also coming to perform with him. Since it's officially happening, Amy asked Eddie to practice the song with her. They did a practice round of the song during The Bobby Bones Show today, but Bones noted Amy definitely has some practice to do before Hurd comes in. Eddie nailed his part, but Amy wasn't going high enough to fill Morris' shoes in the duet.

Watch Amy and Eddie practice "Chasing After You" above!