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Lunchbox Confronted Another Customer at a Restaurant Over Vape Pen

Lunchbox was at a restaurant in Nashville when he was tired of something happening so he approached another customer.

While out to eat with his family, Lunchbox, his wife, and their kids were sitting on a patio enjoying dinner. Some other customers were also out there enjoying dinner, as well as their vape pen. The table with the vape pen was in a position to Lunchbox and his family that made the smoke often go over their table with food. Lunchbox decided to say something to the customers so he went up to them and asked if they could stop vaping. The customers told Lunchbox they were outside so they weren't going to stop.

Lunchbox's wife told him to just leave the situation alone since their kids were with them. So they moved their food and kids inside without saying anything to a manager of the restaurant. The Bobby Bones Show debated if they were on "team Lunchbox" or "team vape." Bobby and Eddie were the ones who took Lunchbox's team while Amy, Morgan, and Raymundo all were on team vape's side.