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Over $50K Raised for Amy’s Birthday Going To Help Her Kid’s Orphanage

Over the last week, The Bobby Bones Show was celebrating Amy's birthday by helping a cause close to her heart in Haiti.

The entire PIMPINJOY line over the last week was donating all proceeds to the orphanage in Haiti where Amy's kids came from. Her goal was to raise $41,000 in honor of her 41st birthday. Anyone who purchased a PIMPINJOY item helped Amy go far over her goal to raise $50,000 for the orphanage. She shared on her Instagram a few specific ways how that money will help the orphanage including:

  1. Security (the wall is crumbling, so a new one will now be able to be built in order for everyone there to be as safe as possible)
  2. Water (the well they use to get water on the property recently broke and will now be fixed and highly improved)
  3. Education (the teachers currently make $200/month & we will now be able to bless them with a sizeable bonus)
  4. The kids (we will be able to buy two boys new wheelchairs and send a few older ones to trade school)