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Amy Open to Body Composting After Death

During The Bobby Bones Show today (March 24), the show was discussing what they would like to happen to their bodies after death.

Typically the only two options are to be buried or cremated, however now there is a new option. It's called body compositing or "green" burials which is the gentle transformation of a human body into soil. When a body is composted it's placed into a vessel along with wood chips, alfalfa, and straw. The new option is drawing people who want to give back to nature after their passing. The result looks and feels like mulch and families can take as much or as little as they want. Green Burial Council president Edward Bixby shared, "Basically, it's going back to the earth as we came: dust to dust."

Amy added that she's heard about people who do this and then the trees end up growing fruit for their families. She also admitted she's leaning towards doing body composition. She thought being buried or being cremated were the only two options, but now she's open to the idea of body compositing.

While Bobby thought the idea initially was off-putting, he opened up to it the more it was discussed on the show. He said, "Imagine all the land that could be used for something else if everyone did this and the trees. Think about it that way."