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Bobby Turning Off Phone Notifications Has Made His Life Better

Bobby Bones has made comments on The Bobby Bones Show recently that he's trying to be more present whenever he goes home after work.

One of those efforts has been the connection to his phone. He's always on his phone whether it's for work or personal use, he's even shared how attached he is to the phone. He decided to try something new in hopes he wouldn't be on his phone as much. He turned off all the notifications on his phone so that nothing would pop up, vibrate, or make a sound. He's turned them off completely, which means the only way he knows if he has a notification is if he opens up his phone. Since doing this, Bones admitted his life has been better because of it.

So much so that when Eddie tried to get ahold of him recently, it took Bones more than 2 hours to message him back. Which is a huge deal for him considering his past connection to his phone.