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Jim Gaffigan Shares if His 5 Kids Find His Comedy Funny

Jim Gaffigan is a widely known comedian and he's currently on The Fun Tour going to arenas all over the country. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the tour as well as his family.

While The Fun Tour is taking place in arenas, Gaffigan shared it's not hard to connect with such a large audience in an intimate way. Because of today's technology with the advanced audio and video feed, everyone can see and experience what he's doing on stage. Plus with comedic shows it's always a "communal experience." He added that one benefit of arena shows is not dealing with hecklers, though his comedy doesn't really bring out hecklers. His comedy style doesn't "peddle in shock," so whenever there is a victim of commentary it's usually himself. Gaffigan also joked that no one is coming to his shows to hear a celebrity story or see what he's wearing.

Fans of Gaffigan often try to quote his jokes. He noted how interesting it is to hear the different ways people remember his jokes. His well known "hot pocket" joke has been evolving. It's been 3 or 4 years since he's ended his comedy shows with that joke, especially having done so many specials that included it. Though he believes comedy fans don't go to his shows to keep hearing the same jokes over and over. He believes in the unspoken agreement with comedians and comedy shows is that the content is going to be new material, but it's going to be good. Some fans may go into a show thinking they want to hear the same old stuff, but they end up being pleasantly surprised with the new jokes.

Whenever Gaffigan goes on tour, he sometimes brings his family along so they can also go on vacations in the same area. Gaffigan's 16-year-old son is actually opening up The Fun Tour. He added that his sense-of-humor is different than dad's, he's a big fan of comedian Eric André's work. Gaffigan has 5 kids and admitted they are his harshest critics. Humor is really important in their family, but not all of the kids think he is funny. It all depends on their age according to Gaffigan. His 17-year-old thinks he's funny, but her favorite comedian is John Melaney. His 12-year-old doesn't think he's funny at all, and his 10-year-old and 9-year-old children just see him as their dad. Despite having some vacations with his family around his tour dates, Gaffigan shared that he spends most of his actual tour days writing and re-writing content for the show.