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Pilot Answered All of Bobby’s Questions About Flying

Bobby Bones has always voiced his anxiety with flying. He doesn't like it even though he has to do it all the time for work. Listener Tyler who is a Pilot came on The Bobby Bones Show this morning (March 24) to answer all of Bones questions related to flying and wild passengers.

Tyler revealed that since pilots are locked up front, they often don't know anything that's going on in the passenger cabin. They rely on the flight attendants to give them information about the situation and subdue any unruly passengers. Depending on when an unruly situation happens and where they are at in the sky, a plane can continue on to the destination. However if they are 2 hours from the destination, they will have to divert and typically can't give any heads up to the passengers that they need to divert. Though most passengers tend to know something is happening since they saw the incident go down.

As far as turbulence, Tyler shared how air acts just like water. He compared flying the skies to the 4th of July on a lake. There's a lot of boats on the water and there are spots of water that get really rough because of it. The same thing happens in air because of jet streams and the weight of other planes. He added that people can feel safe in knowing that planes won't just fall out of the sky.