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TMSG: Dad Called Miracle After Defying Odds To Walk Again

Jason Bedford had a car accident in 2017 that left him with multiple fractures and paralyzed in his left leg.

The accident put him in a wheelchair and the medical staff told him he would likely need to "get used to being in the wheelchair." But Bedford recalled his daughter being afraid for him, so it motivated him to defy everyone's expectations to be able to be an active dad for his daughter again.

He started working with physical therapist Andrew McIssac at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare. The two immediately connected doing weight and stability training as well as a therapy called needling to help stimulate the nerves. Bedford's hard work started to pay off and he started walking again and not using any crutches.

While Bedford still has some work to do, he is thriving and recently taken up horseback riding with his daughter.

Photo: Getty Images