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Morgan Shows Off Progress From Adult Gymnastics

Morgan has been taking adult gymnastics classes over the last month at 28-years-old, and doesn't look like she has any plans to stop.

She's been showing her previous skills and progress through Instagram videos. Morgan used to be a gymnast when she was a child and a cheerleader throughout various stages of her life. In one video she shared, Morgan showed she still has her roundoff, back handspring x3 as well as her roundoff, back handspring, back tuck. Since then, she's been posting progress videos and the goals she has for adult gymnastics.

In the latest video, Morgan shared she has two goals for class. One is to get her kip on bars again, and another is to get a front tuck on floor. She hasn't had a kip since she was a child, and she never had a front tuck in her previous skills. She noted in the caption, "I now have bar burns on my stomach and I can’t feel my arms but we’re workin’ baby!"