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Grocery Store Employee Has Given Morgan Several Free Items

Morgan goes to the same grocery store every week to get some specialty items. Recently, she's been having a run in with one of the grocery store employees.

She told the Bobby Bones Show today (March 28) that the grocery store employee has given her three free items over the last few weeks. He's given her a chocolate cake, a protein bar, and candy for free. He's even made sure to be the cashier to check out her cart on a few different occasions whenever she's been in line. He's struck up some conversations with her about the items he loves in the store and his passions outside of work. Morgan has been at the grocery store several times with her boyfriend, but they are often checking out at different cashiers when the interactions with this grocery store employee go down.

The studio made predictions about the next grocery store item Morgan may get for free. Bobby predicts it will be a head of lettuce, Amy thinks it will be a bell pepper, Lunchbox thinks it will be cereal, and Eddie predicts it will be paper towels. They also told her not to ask anything about the free items because it would be awkward. But they suggested she be prepared because it's likely that he's working up the courage to ask her out.