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Hardy Remembers All 10 of His Number 1 Songs

Hardy won Songwriter of the Year for 2022 and now he's blowing up as an artist. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories about the entirety of his career.

Songwriting has been an important part of Hardy's career. He has 10 number 1 songs which are "Up Down," "Simple," "I Don't Know About You," "One Big Country Song," "God's Country," "Some Girls," More Than My Hometown," "One Beer," "Single Saturday Night," and "Sand in My Boots." But Hardy has more than just those songs in his songwriting career, and he continues to write despite his artist career blowing up. He spends Tuesdays and Wednesdays writing songs, then he will write when he's on the road for tour, and take Sundays and Mondays off for some personal time. As a songwriter, he's just a normal guy. Whenever he's on stage, Hardy gets to show off his artistry. He uses it as an outlet to get everything out and be more animated with his personality.

For the last several weeks, Hardy has been touring with Morgan Wallen. Bobby Bones noted that Hardy, Wallen, and Ernest all seem to be really great friends. According to Hardy, that friendship happened organically through their record label Big Loud. Ernest was a songwriter for Big Loud forever and Wallen was on the record label. Hardy met them both through Florida Georgia Line when he was on the road writing with them. They all realized they had a lot in common and started writing songs together. "He Went To Jared" is Hardy's song, but Wallen almost cut it. Hardy admitted he beat Wallen to it, so they just decided to do the song as a collaboration. He shared the song is super fun to perform live so it's the song Hardy comes out to perform with Wallen during his set. During the song they also shotgun a beer every time. Hardy admitted because of that he doesn't drink beer before the show so he's not all bloated. The beer shotgunning moment is almost like a treat for Hardy every night because it's his last thing to do during the show.