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Lunchbox Upset With Neighbor Over Broken Down Vehicle in Front of His House

Lunchbox has another possible feud brewing with a new neighbor. We heard over the last few months about his neighbor asking him to take down his Christmas lights and Lunchbox leaving them up to be defiant. Now there's a situation with a new neighbor.

One of his neighbors has had a broken down vehicle parked in front of Lunchbox's houses for the last 2 months. Lunchbox doesn't have a driveway and only has street parking so he's finally reached a point where he's tired of not being able to park in front of his own house because of his broken down car. He's learned that the car belongs to a neighbor who also has a work truck. So the neighbor likely hasn't had a reason to get the car fixed and moved with another working vehicle.

He's debating a few different options on how to handle the situation. He took them to The Bobby Bones Show for their opinions. Option 1 is do nothing. Option 2 is call the city to have it towed. Option 3 is go to the house and confront the neighbor about the car. Option 4 is leaving a note on the vehicle asking the neighbor to move it. The show ultimately decided on option 3. So now Lunchbox has to go to his neighbor's house and address the situation head on. Stay tuned for how the interaction goes down.