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TMSG: Woman Donates $1K to Restaurant To Feed Law Enforcement

The Shop Breakfast and Lunch in Albuquerque, New Mexico has a very special connection to their community. It's because of the connection that a New Mexico nurse used them to connect to the community in a kind way.

The anonymous nurse reached out to The Shop Breakfast and Lunch to do an act of kindness. The owner of the restaurant Israel Rivera shared with KOB 4 that the woman saw a funeral of a cop who got killed and felt like there was "so much bad news." So she gave Rivera $1,000 for him to feed cops for free until the money runs out.

The moment was special for Rivera sharing, "Because it really has been over the last few years like one bad thing after another, just like piling up. For somebody who's just seeing something negative and can't have the feeling like I'm gonna do something positive and then, on top of that, actually go do it. Like it was a huge moment."

Rivera hopes with each free meal, more people will be encouraged to spread more kindness around them.

Photo: Getty Images