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Amy & Eddie To Be Tested With Haunted Item

Amy and Eddie revealed during The Bobby Bones Show today that they don't believe in haunted items. Bobby, Lunchbox, and Morgan all believe that things can be haunted. It's because of that, that Bobby now plans to test them.

He purchased the Crying Boy doll from eBay, which the seller claims the item is haunted. The seller stated that she always felt something was off about the doll, and bad things would happen to her whenever he was in her house. So she decided to sell it and Bones was the buyer. Now Amy and Eddie will have to challenge each other and whoever loses the challenge will have to keep the doll in their house for a week.

Both Amy and Eddie admitted they don't want to have the Crying Boy doll in their homes despite the fact they don't believe in haunted items. Amy said she would leave it in her car or burn it, but Bones said if she loses it has to stay in her house for a week.