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Bobby Shares His Thoughts on Eric Church Cancelling Show To Attend Game

Eric Church announced yesterday (March 29) that he would be canceling a sold-out show at AT&T Center in San Antonio.

The show cancelation was because of an upcoming March Madness game. Church's beloved North Carolina Tar Heels are set to play Duke Blue Devils in the Final Four for the first time ever in NCAA Tournament history and Church wants to attend with his family. Church's announcement read:

This Saturday, my family and I are going to stand together to cheer on the Tar Heels as the team has made it to the Final Four.
As a lifelong Carolina basketball fan, I’ve watched Carolina and Duke battle over the years but to have them matchup in the Final Four for the first time in history of the NCAA Tournament is any sports enthusiast’s dream.
This is also the most selfish thing I’ve ever asked the Choir to do: to give up your Saturday night plans with us so that I can have this moment with my family and sports community. However, it’s that same type of passion felt by the people who fill the seats at our concerts that makes us want to be part of a crowd at a game of this significance. 
Woody Durham always said, 'Go where you go and do what you do.' Thanks for letting me go here and be with the Tar Heels.

Bobby Bones shared his thoughts on the situation during The Bobby Bones Show today (March 30). He acknowledged Church is letting down his fans, but Bones gave him credit because Church owned the entire situation and was honest with his fans. Because the show is in San Antonio, Bones also noted that 90% of people are likely local to the area or driving to the show. It's not a Las Vegas residency where all of the attendees are flying out for that show specifically. Though Bones also admitted he is confused by the cancellation aspect of the statement. He's not sure why Church wouldn't acknowledge or make plans to reschedule the concert rather than just cancelling. Bones believes that Church is "ok with dealing with those repercussions this time, he's been someone who has given so much to the fans." Adding that he can't hate on Church because if he was in a similar situation with such special circumstances, he would do the same thing.