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Lunchbox Witnessed Amy Ask Abby for Singing Advice Ahead of Ryan Hurd Duet

Lunchbox believes the world is ending after something he witnessed after the Bobby Bones Show this week.

Amy is just a few days away from her duet with Ryan Hurd. For those just hearing about the duet, Amy shared months ago how she believes she could sing great with Hurd on his and Maren Morris' duet song "Chasing After You." She said that she sings along to the song in her car and she thinks she sounds really good. Because of those opinions, Hurd is set to come into the show on Friday, April 1st and Amy is going to sing "Chasing After You" with him while he's in studio with Morris. Amy got super nervous over the whole ordeal, especially because she will be singing Morris' part of the song in front of her.

So Amy has been doing everything she can to practice her part of the duet. She asked Eddie to practice with her and now Lunchbox witnessed her ask someone else for help. Phone Screener Abby has been pursuing a career in singing so Amy asked her for some tips on the duet and harmonizing. The two of them were practicing Amy's harmonization when Lunchbox caught them and couldn't believe what was happening. He said out of all the famous country singers Amy is friends with, her choosing Abby for advice was mind blowing.