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Pete Holmes Gives His Thoughts on Will Smith & Chris Rock Oscars Situation

Pete Holmes is well-known for his comedic and acting skills, and he's on a new TV show called How We Roll. He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his latest projects.

How We Roll is about a guy named Tom who gets laid off from his longtime job and then uses the crisis to re-evaluate his life while his family supports him whole heartedly. His true passion is bowling so he pursues it. Holmes had to learn to bowl for the show, and during taping he has help from Robert Smith from the PBA who helps him adjust different things to throw strikes. He admitted it's a lot harder that it looks. Holmes also shared that he does have a very personal connection to his character due to some parallels in his own life. He went through a divorce and that thew him into doing stand-up comedy. Adding that believes people don't change if their life is working, we only change when things stop working.

When he's not taping his TV show, Holmes is on the road doing his comedy tour. He's thankful because doing the TV show is very similar to doing the comedy show because he's telling jokes, hitting his marks, hearing the laughter, and he's under lights. Whenever he does acting that isn't in front of a live audience, he shared it is harder for him. Because when it comes to jokes, you're just guessing if something is going to be funny rather than hearing any immediate responses from the audience. There are some times that he throws in impromptu jokes on the TV set, but he's not sure if they will ever officially make it until the show airs. At his comedy shows, Holmes doesn't really get hecklers. Though every once in awhile there is a really drunk person who will yell something and then the venue promptly kicks them out.

As a comedian, Bones asked Holmes on his take with the whole Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars situation. Holmes said he's never been threatened physically, and no one has definitely not tried to slap him. Though he has dealt with fans grabbing him inappropriately while taking photos. He admitted his shock due to how lingering the image is of Smith hitting Rock. He believes it was hard for everyone to see because seeing someone get attacked in that way is possibly triggering or traumatizing depending on the events of your life. Adding that the entire thing was heartbreaking, especially seeing the look on Rock's face afterwards and having to put a smile on to get through his moment on stage.