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TMSG: Kansas Bar Staff Gets $50K Tip To Split

Johnny's Tavern in North Lawrence, Kansas is always a busy spot especially during March Madness when the KU Jayhawks are playing.

Last Friday night during the halftime of the Jayhawks game that would send them into the Final Four, the restaurant staff received a massive surprise. TikTok star Lexy Burke, known as a the Serial Tipper, delivered the good news that she had a $50,000 tip for them to all share.

Each of the bar's 60 employees, kitchen staff included, would all be receiving a tip, getting more than $800 each. Burke's massive tips normally come from crowdfunding on her TikTok page, but this time they came from Ally Bank as part of the bank's Ally Tip-Off campaign. Ally Bank also covered the bar tabs for the customers at the bar for the first half of Friday night's big game.

The Ally Tip-Off campaign didn't just happen in Kansas. They also stopped at fan-favorite bars of the Arizona Wildcats, Arkansas Razorbacks, and Providence Friars to give away big tips and pay for bar tabs.

Photo: Getty Images