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Amy Pays Lunchbox Big Money To Take Haunted Crying Boy Doll Home

Bobby Bones purchased a haunted crying boy doll off eBay and it's been causing lots of drama around the studio.

Amy and Eddie both admitted they didn't believe that items could be haunted. Because of that, Bones decided to put them against each other in a challenge. Whoever lost the challenge has to take the haunted crying boy doll home and live with it in their house for a week. Amy lost the challenge, but the more she thought about bringing the doll home, the more she was scared for her family.

We heard from several listeners who called in to share the situations they've dealt with when it comes to haunted dolls, one even had a pastor perform an exorcism. The phone calls scared Amy even more so she reached out to her pastor to hear his thoughts. He wrote a very long text message back to her sharing a few things. He said, "It’s a tricky one - because as Christians we believe in super-natural forces of good - as well as the presence of evil in the world. It’s important to bring a lot of intellectual humility to things like this - because it’s impossible to know everything that there is to know about the world. That being said - on the 0.0001% chance that the doll is “haunted” - the good news is that it has no power over the name of Jesus. The doll can’t hurt you. I do want to encourage you however to pay attention to your discomfort. You’re a mom - and as parents we have a higher level of responsibility."

Because of her text exchange with her pastor, Amy was really considering paying someone to take the doll home instead of her. No one in the studio wanted to touch it, but Lunchbox was willing... for a high price. He wrote down a number and Amy took about 30 minutes to consider her options. Ultimately she decided to pay Lunchbox his undisclosed high price to take the haunted crying boy doll home. Lunchbox has to keep the boy inside his home until the end of The Bobby Bones Show next Thursday (April 7).