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Trevor Noah on Speaking 6 Languages & Which One He Dreams In

Trevor Noah is hosting the GRAMMYs for a second time happening this Sunday on CBS at 8/7 p.m. CT. He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the gig as well as his stand-up comedy.

While Noah has taken the stage in huge capacities, he admitted he still gets nervous when taking the GRAMMYs stage. That's because the show includes people from all walks of life coming together to watch that specific show. It also comes with a whole different level of excitement for him as well. While some may think the host has some inside information on who wins, Noah wishes he knew, but admitted he doesn't have any idea who is going to win. He also doesn't do any impromptu cutting of his script as the show goes on, but he does try to add in things as he's participating in the show just as a viewer would.

When he's not hosting award shows or his TV show, Noah tours the world doing stand-up comedy. When going to other countries to do his comedy, Noah shared that he changes up his jokes so that he's giving them a good representation of what he's experiencing in their country. There are many of his jokes he does in America that wouldn't work around the world. And when it comes to hecklers or people getting offended, Noah doesn't really deal with that because 99/100 of the people in his audience understand the context of his conversations. At first when people came up to him in public and asked him to make a joke on the spot, he got a little offended. However, as time has gone on he realized it's a compliment, just not delivered in the best way.

As for some other projects Noah worked on, he did Dancing with the Stars over in the UK and he came in second to an actor from South Africa. Noah confessed that he thought he could still do his comedy tour, dance at the same time and win the competition, but ultimately the actor put in more time. He admitted that he loved doing the Latin dances, but he was the best at the Waltz according to the judges. And Noah not only dances, he also speaks 6 languages. He confessed that because of the pandemic, he can really only speak 4, but could pick back up on the other 2 if he goes to those countries. When someone speaks that many languages, you'd wonder what kind of dreams they had in those languages. Noah said his dreams are always in English, but there are many characters in his dreams that speak the other languages.=