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Updates on Morgan, Raymundo, and Lunchbox Getting on TV Shows

It seems some of the Bobby Bones Show is trying to make their way into TV.

Lunchbox, Morgan and Raymundo all have been trying to get on some specific TV shows lately so we had to get some updates. Executive Producer of CBS Superfan Keltie Knight came on the show and Bobby tried to help get Morgan on the TV show for her super fandom of Shania Twain. After Knight said Morgan had a shot, she applied via the casting forms. But Morgan updated today (April 1) that she has not heard anything from the casting directors of 'Superfan.'

Raymundo made an announcement that after years of trying and unsuccessfully making it on Big Brother, he's giving up his dream to be on that show. After some conversations with his wife Laura and some research, he's realized that going on Big Brother at this point in his life would be more of a hinderance than an asset.

And Lunchbox is still set to go out to California to try and get on some of the big game TV shows to win money. Scuba Steve shared that idea a few months ago and he's been planning ever since. Lunchbox and Scuba Steve noted that the trip won't happen until the fall of 2022 because that's when the open casting calls for the big game TV shows will happen.