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Eating Disorders & Feelings of Shame

If you struggle with feelings of shame around your eating disorder, you are not alone and that's the point that Amy drives home in this episode! She started off by sharing an encouraging email from a listener named Sarah (who kindly reminded us that we have the power to tune out "disordered talk" so that we don't end up engaging in toxic behaviors that we're exposed to). Amy also shared a blog post from one of our favorite eating disorder therapists, Jennifer Rollin, that gives a handful of compassionate responses to eating disorder thoughts that we might be having. Amy had a lot of shame around her binge/purge behaviors for many years, but now she knows that the more we speak up about eating disorders, the more we can start to eliminate the shame and stigma. Amy wrapped things up by suggesting Episode 95 of the Brain Over Binge Podcast (Creating Motivation to Stop Binge Eating) if you're frustrated that you haven't been able to fully stop binge eating (a place that Amy was in for several months when she first started her recovery journey!) 

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