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Bobby Celebrates His Birthday With Dinner & Basketball Game

Bobby Bones celebrated his 42nd birthday this weekend with a few different celebrations.

His wife Caitlin flew in two of Bones friends as a surprise, Ahmad and Steve. They started off the celebrations with a small, nice dinner, where Amy and Eddie shared that Bones paid for the meal and they tried to stop him from doing so. However, he still ended up paying for it. They followed up dinner with an Arkansas themed birthday cake and Bones shared some of the gifts he received from Bobby Bones Show co-workers. Amy got him some nice shoes, Morgan sent him several pints of ice cream, and Mike D got him a sign that says "don't get cancelled today."

Then, Bones and about 15 of his friends got to play full court basketball for 2 hours. His wife set it all up so they could play on a nice court. Bones shared that no one left the game injured, or at least got carried off the court. However, one of his friends, Adam, did get an eye injury that will take a few weeks to heal. Eddie and Scuba Steve admitted they're still sore today after playing, and Eddie can't put pressure on his heel.

Not only did Bones have a great weekend celebrating, but he's also still excited about the announcement he made the day before his birthday. The Raging Idiots are opening for Garth Brooks at Razorback Stadium, and no it's not an April Fools joke despite the date they made the announcement.