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TMSG: FedEx Driver Saves Child After Car Crash

FedEx driver Damien Rose was coming to the end of his shift when he drove up to a car crash on a South Carolina highway.

Rose saw two cars involved in the crash and smoke coming from them. He immediately put his vehicle in park and ran to the cars. He heard a lot of screaming about a child, the people in the car were yelling "Get that kid! Get that kid!" That's when Rose noticed a child in the back of the vehicle, the child had sustained an injury, and Rose quickly got the child out.

Hoping to do more, Rose then attempted to get the passenger of the other vehicle involved in the crash out of the car. But they were trapped due to the damage from the crash, so Rose waited until paramedics arrived.

The family of the child was very thankful for Rose's help. He shared that he was just glad to be there to help.

Photo: Getty Images