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Amy Believes She Got Sign From Her Dad on 1-Year Anniversary of His Passing

The 1-year anniversary of Amy's dad passing just happened over the weekend. Her sister flew in from Colorado so that they could spend the anniversary remembering him and honoring him. Right as Amy and her sister got back from the airport, they were hanging out in the kitchen when they both looked outside and saw something special.

Amy's had several bird visitors over the last year after she picked up bird watching as a hobby. She put up bird feeders and watches them from the kitchen while doing puzzles. Amy shared the two activities combined have been soothing hobbies for her. So it's no surprise she has bird visitors in her backyard, though she doesn't get cardinals or blue jays very often. She's had a cardinal arrive on special dates related to her mother's passing, and a blue jay first arrived in the days after her dad's passing. There has been no blue jays in her backyard since that day, that was until recently. When Amy and her sister were in the kitchen on the 1-year anniversary of their dad's death, they both looked out the window to see a blue jay hanging right outside.

Amy took it as a sign that their dad was the blue jay and he was there with them.