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Amy’s Daughter Stepped Up Her Hustle Game for Money

Amy has recently been sharing stories about her daughter Stachira trying to make some extra cash. Most of her time spent hustling for cash is happening at school. And it's not because Amy and her husband don't give Stachira cash for the things she needs, it's because she loves to make money.

Over the last year she's tried to make cash by playing the lottery, and taking extra snacks to school and selling them. Now she's come up with a new idea that the show found pretty smart. She took her mom's Theragun (massager) to school and lets the other students rent it to use on their sore muscles from sports. She charges them $1 per minute to use the Theragun. Amy found out about the new way for Stachira to make money after she found a list of names of students with money amounts written by their names. Stachira owned up to what she was doing at school.

Amy told Stachira she had to stop doing it, but the rest of the show things she should be able to keep doing it since it was working.