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Bobby Watched Delivery Driver Steal His Birthday Cookies

Bobby Bones celebrated his birthday over the weekend and it was all fun, besides a situation he had with a delivery driver.

Someone sent cookies to Bones house for his birthday. Bones was leaving the house when the UberEats driver pulled up with the cookie delivery. He told them to set the cookies in a specific place and he'd be back in just a minute. He pulled out of the driveway and watched in his rearview mirror to make sure everything was all good with the delivery.

Apparently the delivery driver didn't realize Bones was still watching, because she sat the cookies down in the place Bones mentioned, and then immediately picked them back up. She put them in her car and drove off with the cookies. Because the cookies were being delivered to Bones by someone else, he couldn't reach out to UberEats and tell them about the situation. So he just witnessed a woman steal his cookies and couldn't do a thing about it.