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Lunchbox Challenged the Haunted Doll To Put a Curse on Him

The haunted crying boy doll has lived with Lunchbox and his family since last Thursday, a little over 5 days now.

There's been some uneasiness in the house ever since the doll arrived, but nothing particularly crazy. So Bobby Bones decided to stir some things up. He challenged Lunchbox yesterday (April 4) to ask the doll to curse him for 30 days. If Lunchbox accomplished the task, he would get $15. Today (April 5) Lunchbox brought video proof that he completed the challenge.

Not only did he complete the challenge, but now things might be getting crazier in his house. After cursing the doll, his family left to go to the park. When they got back, they found that their dog had ripped open a growth on his stomach leaving blood all over the house. Lunchbox shared his dog has had the growth for years with no issues, but now an hour and a half after asking the doll to curse him, it ripped open. He had to spend over an hour cleaning up the blood all over the house.

Despite the chaos, Lunchbox is still open to challenging the doll to make some more money. His next challenge from Bones is to go into the bathroom while holding the doll along with a candle, and turn around 3 times yelling "bloody Mary." If he does it, he will get $20.