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People Are Commenting on Outfit Eddie Wore for Fancy Gala

Eddie recently attended a gala charity event in Texas to be the speaker for the evening. Some listeners of The Bobby Bones Show called in to the show to share their thoughts on Eddie's choice of outfit.

In a recent Instagram post, Eddie shared photos of himself from the event talking about the importance of spreading awareness on foster care. While most listeners commented on the amazing work he's doing, there were some people who pointed out that he was a little underdressed for the event, with not only his clothes, but also because he wore a hat.

One of those listeners called in to the show in hopes the rest of the show members would share their thoughts on his outfit choice. Amy admitted she saw the photos and had the same thoughts as the listener on his outfit choice. Bobby Bones thought that he could have been more dressed up for the event rather than just wearing jeans and a hoodie. Lunchbox noted that he needed to wear one of his nice hats rather than the one he wears to work everyday. Eddie thought that because he was the speaker, he could dress cool rather than wear whatever the guests needed to wear (dresses/suits). He also added that he wears a hat to nice events because it makes him conscious that people are looking at his head and judging him.