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The Wheel Got Spun & Now Someone on the Show Has to Watch Anime Show

Whenever the wheel comes out in the Bobby Bones Show studio, everyone gets really nervous because it means someone is going to have to do something they won't want to do.

Bobby Bones shared that Netflix revealed over half of their subscribers globally watch anime. Since Bones, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, or Morgan don't watch anime shows, he thought it was necessary to add a little culture to the show. He brought out the wheel with all the names on it. The first person chosen on the wheel would be taken off, but the second person chosen on the wheel would be the loser. The loser will have to watch 3 episodes of the popular Netflix anime show Naruto.

Bones was chosen first by the wheel so his name got taken off, and then during the second spin, Amy was chosen by the wheel. So now Amy has to watch about an hour of anime and then she will have to report back to the show and be quizzed on her knowledge.