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Amy's Sister's HGTV Show 'Building Roots' Premieres This Weekend

Amy's sister and brother-in-law Cristi and Ben Dozier have a new show Building Roots premiering this Sunday on HGTV at 9/8 p.m. CT. Cristi called into the Bobby Bones Show to share how the show came to be and how she's handling all of the new opportunities.

Cristi and Ben started a design business years ago that started out with just landscaping and grew into everything that it is today with design and architecture on homes. They were based in Austin, Texas and then 5 years ago they moved to Southern Colorado and continued their business there.

Building Roots came about after a woman named Bridgett with a production company out of New York reached out to their business Instagram account. The direct message then turned into emails, which turned into Skype calls. Eventually they put together a pitch and a sizzle reel, which turned into a pilot and now the series. Cristi admits she didn't know what any of those words meant 3 years ago. They're doing a lot of learning with the whole process because they never saw themselves in this particular field. Cristi didn't want to be in the public eye, it's very uncomfortable for her. She recalled the story her mom shared that before Amy was born, Cristi was a ham for attention. Then once Amy came, Cristi loved being in the background while Amy took center stage. Cristi credits her husband for being the reason behind their decision to do the show. She shared that he's a huge risk taker and whenever opportunities come up, he will just do them without much thought. Meanwhile she overthinks everything and likely won't pursue new opportunities. But in this situation, he's been bringing out the risk taker in her. Also noting that losing both of her parents gave her a realization that she needs to go after some new opportunities and not stay in her same box.

Anyone who watches Building Roots will watch as Cristi and Ben help families with their homes. Every episode has a client, sometimes two clients, who want help with their family home. There is also some lifestyle weaved into the show, where Cristi, Ben and their kids are seen going on adventures like fishing, jeeping, and four-wheeling. When Lunchbox pressed her about being worried with the reality show jinx, meaning reality show couples often end up in divorce, Cristi wasn't too worried. Cristi and Ben have been married for 22 years and have 4 kids, they've been through a lot of hard stuff and are willing to grow together, communicate, and ask for forgiveness when it's needed.