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Bobby Announces Employee of the Month for March

It's always an interesting day on The Bobby Bones Show when the studio knows an Employee of the Month is being awarded.

Everyone gets their acceptance speeches prepared and then one by one, Bobby Bones knocks off a person who isn't being crowned the winner. Lately it's been coming down to two people each time. Phone screener Abby won the award twice in the last few months, and another winner was Amy. The listeners requested we name another Employee of the Month for March.

During today's show (April 8), Bones fulfilled the request with the help of his team consisting of Mike D and Scuba Steve. The three of them chose who should take home the award for March. It came down to Lunchbox and Eddie. The person provided the most engaging and informative content according to the judges and that person was Eddie. He decided to take the option of spinning the wheel for cash as his award. He only walked away with $1, but also the title of Employee of the Month.