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Bobby Bones Refuses To Say These Country Song Titles

Bobby Bones admitted on the Bobby Bones Show today that there are some newly released songs he doesn't like. It's not because of the songs themselves, but because of what's in the song title.

For years, Bones has made the conscious choice not to cuss because of the radio show and doing several projects that have family audiences. There are a few words that Bones refuses to say even though they're technically allowed over airwaves, and two of them include "Damn" and "Hell." Those two words have been popping up in country song titles lately from Scotty McCreery's "Damn Strait" to Eric Church's "Hell of a View." Whenever they come up during the radio show, Bones makes Amy say them so he doesn't have to say those words.

Bones addressed a few other new song titles he won't say as well as goes into detail about his reasoning in the video above.