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WATCH: Lunchbox Burns the Haunted Crying Boy Doll at Eddie’s House

The haunted crying boy doll has officially lived with Lunchbox and his family for a full week.

There's been some uneasiness in the house ever since the doll arrived, but nothing particularly crazy besides some incidents with Lunchbox's dog and his wife feeling sad. Bobby Bones stirred up some things by challenging Lunchbox to do some things with the doll for some extra cash. For $15, Lunchbox asked the doll to curse him for 30 days. Then for $20, Lunchbox held the doll in the bathroom with the lights off while yelling "Bloody Mary." For his final challenge at $50, Bones told Lunchbox to burn the doll.

Lunchbox didn't have a place to burn the doll so he went to Eddie's house. Eddie didn't know he had the doll with him, but Lunchbox told him he was burning the doll in his backyard. He brought lighter fluid along with him. So Eddie reluctantly let him burn the doll in his fire pit. After about 45 minutes, the doll was still burning. It's completely charred now, but Bones told Eddie that he probably needed to get the doll to burn entirely.