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Cole Swindell Shared Why He’s Keeping His Personal Life More Private

Cole Swindell released his album Stereotype on Friday, he stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share why it took him so long to release the new music, plus share the inspiration behind some of the songs.

Stereotype features the song "She Had Me At Heads Carolina" that was inspired by Jo Dee Messina. Swindell and Thomas Rhett had the idea for the song when they were on the road. They wanted to reach out to the songwriters on "Heads Carolina, Tails California" first to get their blessing to write the song. The songwriters were excited about it so Swindell, Rhett, Ashley Gorley, and Jesse Frasier got together to write the song and put credits on it for the two original songwriters. Swindell shared that he also reached out to Messina to let her know much he loves her and she's always welcome to come onto the song at any point. Swindell was also candid about why it took him a longer time than usual to put out this new music. In addition to the pandemic putting some things on hold, Swindell admitted he was personally in a rut and didn't feel good about any of the songs he had written yet to put together a full album. So he decided to slow things down and spend some time working with new people on this project. He hopes now that there is a song for everyone on Stereotype.

Swindell has recently opened up a little more about his personal life and his relationship with Courtney Little because he's happy. Swindell doesn't mind putting his relationship out there on social media because of the happiness, but it has come with some hard moments. He sees all the comments being super positive, but noted it's human to see the few negative comments that come through. He never minded getting negative comments about himself, but said it's really different when they make negative comments about her. He doesn't like seeing them or how they make her feel.

We also learned some other fun facts about Swindell. He was an all-state football player. Though school wasn't really his thing, he admitted he just had passing grades to get him through. The biggest thing to him was that he got out of there and went to Georgia Southern.