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Lunchbox Spilled the Tea on Eddie About Money Situation With His Son

The tea got spilled on The Bobby Bones Show today (April 12).

Per usual Lunchbox was the one spilling the tea and it was on Eddie. The two seem to be some of the only ones who spill tea... on each other. Nonetheless Lunchbox wanted to share about a recent situation with Eddie and his son. Eddie's son won Lunchbox's family's March Madness bracket challenge, which Eddie shared on the show last week. When he shared that his son won, Eddie told everyone he won $500. However, Lunchbox knew the pot was actually $600.

When Lunchbox brought the money to Eddie's son, his son was shocked to count and see he actually won $600 instead of $500 since that's what Eddie had told him he would get. Lunchbox claims the reason behind this is because he thinks Eddie was actually going to keep $100 for himself from the pot. Eddie says Lunchbox's claim is not true, he just wasn't paying attention to how much was in the final pot and thought it was $500.