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The Show Brought in Collections, Special Items, & Talents for Show & Tell

The Bobby Bones Show had a good ole fashioned "Show & Tell" during the show today (April 12).

There was a story about a Minnesota woman who set the Guinness World Record for the most cow collectibles. It inspired the show members to bring in a cool collection of items, share something they're really passionate about right now, or even show off a hidden talent. So everyone brought in something to share and showed it off to the class AKA the studio.

Everyone had a different idea about what the "Show & Tell" meant, so much so that someone even brought in a live animal! Check out all of her fun items below.

Bobby Bones brought in a hat that Tim McGraw gave to him.

Around 8 years ago, Bones and Eddie were doing their first major stage show as the Raging Idiots. They were opening for Tim McGraw in Wyoming and had really bad equipment because of that, they were getting booed. Once they finished their set, they were bummed. McGraw heard the story so when he came into the studio, he brought his black cowboy hat he wore during the Soul2Soul Tour to give to Bones. He shared that McGraw likely gave it to him out of a combination of two things: feeling sorry for Bones and because Bones revealed he had never worn a cowboy hat. The cowboy hat has been in Bones house on display ever since.

Amy brought in her cat Maggie in her cat suitcase.

She said she doesn't have anything she collects or a collector's item so she brought her cat that she's obsessed with. They've had Maggie for a year and she loves her so much that Amy already wants to get another cat.

Eddie brought his lei worn by Pearl Jam's lead singer Eddie Vedder.

He went to a Pearl Jam concert and had tickets in the front row. While in line to get in, a woman had brought a bunch of Hawaiian leis and asked Eddie if he could put them on stage. He wasn't going to do it, but then Eddie Vedder said the place reminded him of Hawaii and that's when Eddie threw all the leis up on stage. Pearl Jam wore them for the rest of the concert and then Vedder gave his lei back to Eddie to keep after wearing it.

Lunchbox brought his bingo daubers.

He used to be obsessed with bingo for a 5 year period. He would go once a week and bring one of his bingo daubers with him because he thought they brought him good luck. He has kept the daubers that have got him some bingo wins, as well as the dauber that his wife used when she first played a game of bingo with him.

Morgan brought her Hampshire sheep magazines.

She is a sheep magazine editor for the American Hampshire Sheep Association and she's been doing it since 2016. She brought all of her finished sheep magazines from over the years.

Raymundo showed off his talent of shotgunning a beer in less than 2 seconds.

Abby brought a framed newspaper clip of her at a Kansas Jayhawks game.

The game was when KU beat Missouri. The game went into overtime and KU won by 1 point. Abby was at the game and there's a photo of her above the score sign. It ended up being posted in the Lawrence, Kansas newspaper.

Mike D brought a letter he wrote to Donald Glover, and then Glover signed it.

He collects celebrity memorabilia. Back when Mike D was an intern on the show, his favorite rapper Donald Glover came in. Mike D had wrote a letter of why he loved Glover and Bobby read it to him on air, then Glover signed it and Mike framed it.