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Bobby & Lunchbox Going In On New Business "Boxing Bob Inc" Together

For the first time ever, Bobby Bones and Lunchbox are going into business together.

Lunchbox pitched the idea of buying storage units and reselling the items in them. Bones thought it was a great idea so long as they could find storage units within the area. After doing some digging, they found they can purchase storage units online. The deal was that Bones would pay for 75% of the unit and Lunchbox would pay for 25%. Lunchbox would also be the one to go get the items and resell them for money. Then they will equally split the earnings.

They are calling themselves "Boxing Bob Inc" and have already put a bid on two storage units, spending $100 on one and $30 on another. Then someone else outbid them on the storage unit they really wanted, it was full of brand new shoes like Jordans. So they upped their bid on storage unit one to $120.