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Amy’s Sister & Brother-in-Law Respond to Lunchbox’s Critique of Their Show

Earlier this week, Lunchbox watched the premiere of Amy's sister and brother-in-law Cristi and Ben Dozier's new HGTV show Building Roots. He then reviewed the show and gave it several different critiques noting that they were stiff on camera and not very funny.

Amy shared today (April 15) that she had a formal response from Cristi and Ben on Lunchbox's review. Here it is:

We would like to publicly thank Lunchbox for taking the time out of his busy schedule to first watch the show and then give his professional, candid opinion regarding our strengths and weaknesses as newcomers. Though his favorite shows tend to fall in a different category and include birth stories of pregnant teenagers, we are making note of his every word and hope to improve our score of a C plus to at least a solid B minus over the course of the season.
Talented? Debatable. But we tried our best. Fake for TV only design office? Nope. We really design out of a barn. Stiff on camera? Totally agree. Huge amateurs and never know where to look, how to stand or what to do with our hands. Not that funny? Again, agree. Appreciate the pointers, Lunchbox. Keep them coming.
Cristi and Ben Dozier.

Lunchbox responded to their official response by noting that he wasn't being rude and they clearly agree with his critiques.