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Lexie Hayden Co-Wrote Priscilla Block's "My Bar" With Her 3 Years Ago

Lexie Hayden is a former Bobby Bones Show intern, but she's been pursuing her career as an artist for the last several years. She was just on MTV's Becoming A Popstar where Raymundo believes she was wrongly kicked off because she was a country singer. She came by the show for the first time ever as an artist to perform a new song and talk all about the TV show.

After 5 years, Hayden still remembers her time as an intern on the show. She recalled being starstruck often, the other interns who worked at the same time she did, and Eric Paslay being her favorite person to come into the studio. She also remembered the time she decided to not come into work and it was the day Sam Hunt came into the studio. While the show keeps identifying her as an old intern, she doesn't mind it. Hayden says her time on the show is an important part of her story.

When Hayden was first asked to go on the new MTV show, she was told it was called something else. It wasn't until she arrived on set that the name was changed to Becoming A Popstar. She also learned that the other contestants were also told other names for the TV show. She agreed with Raymundo that she was likely kicked off the show because she was a country singer, as she was the only one on the show. Right after Hayden was kicked off, the remaining contestants had to compete in a dance challenge. So for that reason, Hayden feels lucky that she was kicked off when she was because she isn't a dancer.

Hayden currently has a song on country radio, it's Priscilla Block's "My Bar." She co-wrote the song with Block and another friend over 3 years ago now. Hayden confessed this song has been the craziest part of her year, especially after she saw Block perform it on the CMT Awards and The Kelly Clarkson Show. It's gaining the momentum to break through the top 40 on the country chart. Though just because she has a song on the radio, that doesn't mean Hayden isn't still having to hustle. She currently works multiple jobs while pursuing music. Hayden is a nanny and she dog sits while playing 3 to 4 paying music gigs a week. Right now she's consistently performing at the Nashville Palace, Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa, Listening Room, and Luke Bryan's 32 Bridge. If she performs on Broadway, she will make around $400 a night. Then she will write 2 to 3 days a week.

After hearing what she makes during a night on Broadway, Bobby Bones asked her to open his two comedy theater shows happening in Nashville on June 17th and June 18th. He'll pay her $500 a night to open, and Hayden was super excited about the opportunity saying yes right away.

While on the show, Lexie Hayden performed her song "Pretty Damn Close" as well as her new song "Tequila For Two."