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Ben Rector Shared the First Song He Learned To Play on Piano

Ben Rector recently released a new project The Joy of Music and he's about to head out on tour. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories and perform his song "Steady Love."

The first instrument Rector learned to play was a guitar, but ever since then he's been playing piano. The first song he learned to play on the piano over 20 years ago was The Rugrats TV show theme song. When Rector started working on his new album The Joy of Music, he wanted to write from the place he was currently in with his family life. Rector felt like the music that's out right now only heavily focuses on a specific portion of life. So he hopes that when his fans listen to this new project they connect with it because he's singing about what life is actually like. Bobby Bones revealed that his favorite song on the project is "Steady Love" and his wife Caitlin loves "Hanging Out" featuring Kenny G.

Rector's tour is kicking off in Wisconsin and he will be bringing Joy with him at all the shows. Joy is a massive red muppet creature that was created with the help of Jim Henson and his company. The closet thing to a hometown show for Rector will be Nashville, and Oklahoma City, where he spent a lot of time recording.

Watch Ben Rector perform his song "Steady Love" off his project The Joy of Music.