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Lunchbox Acts Like Morgan’s Dad After Ticket Mixup

Lunchbox likes to help out Morgan whenever she's in some tricky situations.

A few months ago, Lunchbox went with Morgan to the grocery store acting like her father. Morgan accidentally walked out of the grocery store without paying for the paper towels on the bottom of her cart. She didn't realize it until after she got home. So the next day Lunchbox went with her to act like her father as a segment for Bobby Bones Show.

Fast forward to today (April 18), Lunchbox shared a call where he acted like Morgan's father again. Morgan shared that she mixed up the dates on tickets she had for the Immersive Van Gogh experience in Nashville. So she ended up totally missing the event. Since the two tickets were expensive totaling $100, Morgan wanted to get her money back or try to go another night if possible. Lunchbox called customer service and the lady was incredibly kind about the situation. Lunchbox revealed to her that he was going to punish his "blonde daughter" for being so forgetful. He said she would have to do extra chores like mow if things couldn't be worked out. He even made Morgan get on the call to apologize to the woman for mixing up the dates.

Thankfully the woman was nice about the whole thing and got Morgan a new date and tickets sorted out.