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Lunchbox Spilled the Tea on Scuba Steve’s Laundry Situation

The Bobby Bones Show's spill the tea segment always brings some drama.

Lunchbox wanted to spill the tea today (April 18) on Scuba Steve. He learned that not only does Steve's wife do all of his laundry, Steve requests that she turn all of his clothes inside out and not dry a single piece of his clothing. So she has to hang up all of his clothes rather than throw them in the dryer. Lunchbox approved of Steve having his wife do the laundry, but he thought the rest of his requests were excessive. Amy confirmed with Steve that his wife also works, she is not a stay at home mom.

When Steve got to share his side of the story, he owned up to it. He admitted that his wife does the laundry and he does make those requests. However he added that she likes doing it and has told him that it is therapeutic for her. He also admitted that if he sees a piece of his clothing going in the dryer, he gets mad.