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Morgan Shares Review After Watching ‘Austin Powers’ for the First Time

Morgan is the youngest on The Bobby Bones Show, so sometimes Bobby Bones, Amy, Eddie, and Lunchbox make references and she doesn't know them due to difference in age. Some of those references come from popular movies and TV shows before Morgan was born or when she was young.

Lately, Bones has been tasking Morgan with watching, for the first time, the popular things from "back in the day" to see if they are still loved and relatable in the same ways today. This started with Seinfeld, where Morgan had to watch the first 2 seasons. She didn't hate it, but didn't find it as relatable in today's world. Ultimately she gave it a 2.5/5 jackets. Since that assignment was over, she was tasked with watching Back to the Future. She had never seen any part of the movies before so this would be her first time watching it. She noted it had some weird moments with Marty and his mom, but ultimately she loved the moved in its entirety giving it 4/5 DeLoreans. Then Morgan watched The Karate Kid and despite how slow it was, she really enjoyed watching Daniel finally be able to defeat his bullies in the final scene. She gave the movie 4.5/5 Cobra Kais.

Her latest assignment was to watch Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. She admitted that she did get a few laughs out due to sheer stupidity of the film, but noted that she thinks it's the stupidest movie she has ever watched. She understood the point of the movie was to be a cheesy comedy, but she couldn't get past all of the cheesiness. She gave the film a score of 1/5 groovy babies.