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Lunchbox Recalls Tricky Situation at the Airport During Flight Cancellation

Lunchbox recently went on vacation and his flight was cancelled before he was able to leave Nashville.

He overheard a 70-year-old woman at the ticket counter from his flight saying she had no where to go since they cancelled her flight. The airline wasn't offering to put her up anywhere so she didn't even have a hotel to stay in overnight. Lunchbox ended up walking away from the situation and went back to his home to sleep before returning to the airport the next day for the rescheduled flight.

When he returned, he overheard the 70-year-old woman recalling her night at the airport. She slept on chairs in the terminal until they closed it down. Then she slept in chairs down by baggage claim where she kept being woken up by returning passengers. Overall the woman had a really terrible experience and when Lunchbox told his wife about it all, she told him he should have offered their house as a place to stay after the cancelled flight. Lunchbox thought that was a crazy idea because she is a total stranger and he would come off creepy.