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Amy Speaks With Oculus After Son Purchased $200 of Fake Coins

Yesterday during The Bobby Bones Show (April 19), we learned that Amy's son made an accidental purchase of $200 in fake coins on his Oculus.

Amy found charges on her credit card from Oculus totaling $200. Her son admitted he was buying "coins" in the game, but thought they were fake and just in the game. He didn't realize it was equating to real life money. Listener Chuck in Boston called into the show and asked why we all thought it was Oculus' responsibility to refund the money. Amy acknowledged that it wasn't their responsibility, but it's definitely worth calling them about to explain the situation since it was an accident.

She ended up calling Oculus and they were really kind about the situation. They refunded the $200 and then suggested Amy change her pin code so that her son doesn't have access to make purchases again.