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Bobby Shares Audio Clip From Upcoming Children’s Book

Bobby Bones first kid's book Stanley The Dog: The First Day of School will be out on June 14th.

The book is about a bulldog pup named Stanley and his adventures during his first day of school. When Bones announced the news, he shared, “I’m pumped to finally share more about my upcoming children’s book. It follows our bulldog Stanley as he navigates his first day of school jitters and being himself in a brand-new situation. True to real-life Stanley, there are plenty of antics along the way! My hope through writing this book is that it will serve as reminder to kids that it’s okay to not fit in with the crowd, your differences are what make you so special.”

During The Bobby Bones Show today (April 20), Bones shared a clip from recording the audio book. It's the first teaser fans have gotten of the new project. Bones revealed in the audio clip that there are some different dog characters within the book.