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Eric Church Shared What His Kids Think About His Career

Eric Church's song "Heart On Fire" is set to go number 1 on the country charts so he stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some details about the song. He also discussed his home life, and what it was like to experience the UNC/Duke game during March Madness.

Heart & Soul was a massive project for Church that was split into 3 separate albums. He spent several weeks away in a cabin with some guys putting the project together with no distractions. He told Bobby Bones that he did this entire project that way because he wanted there to be no lag time. Whenever artists write a song and then spend months recording and going through the process, songs lose their luster. Church believes one of the most magical things is the birth of a song, so it was important for him to capture that moment across the entire project. He also admitted that he really tries not to write songs whenever he isn't working on a new project because he likes to store up his creativity. Though there will be moments that a song comes to him or a perfect moment and he will write it out. "Heart On Fire" is one of the songs on Heart & Soul and it was actually the first one he wrote and recorded for the project. This song was written entirely by Church, and he felt it was really critical to the project because it was his "proof of concept" for his team.

While Church is massively known across the world, he's known at home as the dad that just does music. He shared that his household is not centered around him, which is a good thing. His house is centered around their two boys ages 7 and 10. His 10-year-old is starting to understand a little bit about Church's life as an artist, but his 7-year-old still has no idea. Church joked that his 7-year-old doesn't even know that there are other occupations out there besides being an artist.

Church was recently in the news for the controversial move of cancelling a concert in Texas so that he could attend the March Madness UNC vs. Duke game. He told Bones that it was only because of that game specifically that he cancelled, adding that had UNC been playing any other team like the Arkansas Razorbacks, he would have been playing the concert. The game was one of a lifetime for him and he got to take both of his boys and his father for the special event. While at the game, Church was hanging out with Jim Nantz, who also invited them over for a victory after party. Church admitted him, his two boys and his father were out at the party until 1 a.m. celebrating.