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Lunchbox Asks Grocery Store Managers Opinion on Eating Food Before Buying

During the Bobby Bones Show this week, Eddie confessed that he finds it annoying whenever his wife eats food in the grocery store before they've bought it. Bobby, Amy, and Lunchbox said it's totally fine and they've all done it before. Morgan was the only one who agreed with Eddie, she said whenever she sees it happening she finds it interesting and a bit unusual.

Lunchbox decided to go to some grocery stores, eat the food before purchasing it, and see what the managers had to say to him. First, he spoke to one manager while eating a bag of chips. The manager said it's not often that people do it, but as long as he pays for the bag, it doesn't bother her. She also added that the security may be extra aware of him to be sure he doesn't try to get away without paying. Then Lunchbox spoke to another manager while eating a fresh box of fried chicken. The second manager had a similar response to the first manager's, noting that he didn't have any problem with Lunchbox eating the food as long as he purchased it.

General consensus based on Lunchbox's small research is that it's ok to eat food from grocery store shelves so long as you pay for it.